This is a reprint of an article from the printed edition of The FIG Tree Newsletter printed in August & November 1995, February & May 1996

In this issue I will try to continue this article which was missing from the last issue due to space limitations. This article was where I was discussing various Fenton families that I know about around the world. In this issue we will discuss a line of Canadian Fentons that I have gotten information on.

The information that I have was provided by Chris Channell and it is from the book Homeland - Country Harbour, Nova Scotia, 1783-1983.

Sargeant Jacob Fenton of the Kings Carolina Rangers, a United Empire Loyalist, came to Country Harbour in December 1783 and by the “Wright Grant” was allotted 200 acres of land. In the Provincial Archives in Halifax, Jacob Fenton, and his wife Catherine (no surname given) are listed as having had four children up through the year 1788. Data regarding other children has not been found up to the present time, 1983. The four children listed are as follows:

Benjamin, born 1788. In some family reports Benjamin appears to have carried the name John. Names and the spelling of surnames seem to have been carelessly handled in all these early records. At any rate, it was Benjamin who married Mary Ann Hodgson, daughter of Edward Hodgson, Superintendent of the Establishment of the Isle of Sable. Benjamin and Mary Fenton had 10 children. In the Provincial Archives of Nova Scotia I found dates of birth for:

II-1 Mary Ann Elizabeth, born May 21, 1826
II-2 Theresa Caroline, born November 4, 1840

Joseph Charles, born 1791. A Joseph Fenton is shown as being married to Sophia (no surname given) and as having three children:

II-1 John, born November 26, 1830
II-2 Alexander, born January 14, 1837
II-3 Charlotte, born June 4, 1839

Elizabeth Martha, born 1795. An Elizabeth Fenton is listed as married to Michael Cochran on July 2, 1821. He may have been the son of Tobias Cochran, an Empire Loyalist listed in the Wright Grant.

Jacob, born 1796 and married to a wife whose first name is Elizabeth (no surname given). One child is registered:

II-1 Ludovic, born December 6, 1825

Benjamin and Mary Ann (Hodgson) Fenton are the only couple for whom specific information has been established. For many years, the descendants of Benjamin Fenton and Mary Ann Hodgson lived on the West Side of Country Harbour, between the estate occupied by Benjamin Johnstone on the south and that portion of the harbour on the north known as the Narrows, where the later, an iron bridge has been built to connect the carriage road on the West Side to the main government road on the East Side. During the period from the settlement of Country Harbour in 1783, until around the first quarter of the nineteen hundreds the West Side of Country Harbour was somewhat well populated as a farming area from the Cross Roads to the Mount. Family names on that side included those of Worth, Porter, Hodgson, Webb, Hudson, Fenton, Johnstone, Salsman, Grover, Hallett, Hines, Henderson, Findlay and Dean-Simmons.
As of 1983, there are no homes on the West Side except a few close to the iron bridge and above it towards the Cross Roads. The 8 miles from where Benjamin Fenton and Mary Ann Hodgson settled near the Narrows to the end of the Mount has gone back to it.s original state of forest and has become Crown Land. Members of all the families except a few have moved to the U.S.A. and to all parts of Nova Scotia and Canada from the Atlantic to the Pacific.
Another branch of the Fenton Family settled at the Cross Roads and some of these descendants are still there while most of them have scattered. It has not been determined, to date, which one the Jacob Fenton's sons was the progenitor of the William Fenton Family living at the Cross Roads as late as 1925. Information in so far as is available regarding this branch will follow on after that of Benjamin and Mary Ann (Hodgson) Fenton.

Benjamin (John) and Mary Ann (Hodgson) Fenton.
Mary Ann came to visit her brother Edward who had married Sarah Hines and she met Benjamin. They married and lived on the West Side of Country Harbour some miles below what is now known as the Narrows.
They had at least ten children as follows:

II-1 William Fenton, born 1815 on Sable Island, married Martha Mary Ann Hines, known as Patsy. 10 children listed. Lived on West Side. See Hines Family.
II-2 George Fenton married Elizabeth Hudson (sister of Jarius Higgin Hudson). No children. Lived on West Side.
II-3 Jim Fenton married Charlotte Banks from Shelburne County. Six children listed. Lived on West Side.
II-4 Charles Fenton married Hannah Hines and lived way down on the West Side. 7 children listed. See Hines Family.
II-5 Charlotte Fenton, unmarried - lived on West Side. Ended her days with Theresa in East River.
II-6 Theresa Caroline Fenton (November 4, 1840) married a Mr. Mitchell from East River. Lived East River.
II-7 Jane Fenton married Edward Mason (Preacher Ned). 8 children listed. Lived Cross Road, Country Harbour. See Mason Family.
II-8 Edward Fenton married and lived in Halifax. 2 or more children - Patrick; Ned (had polio).
II-9 Mary Ann Elizabeth (Annie) Fenton (May 21, 1826) married John Mason (Carpenter John). 8 children listed. Lived at the Cross Roads, Country Harbour. See Mason Family.
II-10 Girl who went to England and married a Mr. Pickering.
NOTE: Since the birth dates were not found, it was impossible to put these names in chronological order.

II-1 William Fenton (1815) and Martha Mary Hines (Patsy) 10 children.

III-1 Hannah Fenton (October 31, 1843)
This Hannah Fenton has sometimes been confused with Hannah Fenton, daughter of Charles Fenton and Hannah Hines who was born way down on the West Side of Stortmont. I could find no authentic information regarding this Hannah Fenton.
III-2 Besty Fenton (1846-1936) married Adam Beiswanger (1823-1910) - 10 children.

IV-1 Martha Ann Beiswanger (1865-1936) married Ebenezer (Zeba) Hines (See Hines Family) 1 child.
IV-2 George William Beiswanger (September 28, 1866-June 28, 1952) 1st marriage Theresa Kaiser who died August 20, 1892. 1 child who died at birth. 2nd marriage Maude Emily MacLean (December 27, 1872-April 14, 1944) 5 children.
IV-3 John Henry Beiswanger (1871-1955) 1st marriage Olive Blanche Mason (1880-1930) 2 children. 2nd marriage Adella Mae Kaiser - 2 children.
IV-4 Charles Theodore Beiswanger (1871-1955) married Melinda Mary Myers (1875-1923) 6 children.
IV-5 Mary Ellen Beiswanger (1876-1952) 2nd wife of Robert John Hines (1862-1930) 9 children.
IV-6 Campbell Vincent Beiswanger (1878-1957) married Arabella Jane MacGillivray (1889-1972) 5 children.
IV-7 Effie Jane Beiswanger (born 1880) married Reuben King Miller - 1 child.
IV-8 Elvceda Beiswanger (1881-1972) unmarried-lived in Fisherman's Harbour.
IV-9 Edward Hugh Beiswanger (Hughie)(1885-1917) married Lula Griffin-3 children.
IV-10 Lottie Beiswanger (July 1, 1889-March 30, 1890) died in infancy.
Please see details under the Beiswanger Family in Part III below.

III-3 Eliza Fenton (1848-1939) married Freeman Hudson (December 4, 1845-1902). Because the genealogy of Freeman Hudson and Eliza Fenton has been carefully researched and recorded under the Hudson Family, the reader is invited to study the family there, and only the names of the first generation of children will be listed here for the reader.s convenience. While Freeman's children are listed as the fourth generation dating from the American Revolution in the Fenton Family Constellation, they are listed as the third generation of the Hudson Family Constellation. 12 children.
IV-1 Laura Hudson
IV-2 Bertha Hudson
IV-3 Ann Hudson
IV-4 Christine Hudson
IV-5 Herbert Hudson
IV-6 Norman Hudson
IV-7 Robert (Dude) Hudson
IV-8 Gordon Hudson
IV-9 Harvey Hudson
IV-10 Walter Hudson
IV-11 Leonard Hudson
IV-12 Henry Havelock Harold Hudson
III-4 Susan Fenton (1865-1944) married Stephen Clyburne (1858-1907) 6 children.

IV-1 Evelyn Ace Clyburne (1882-1971) married Bella Carmichael (born 1889) 5 children.
IV-2 Norman Clyburn (1887-1966) married Jane MacDonald (1886-1977) 6 children.
IV-3 Theresa Clyburne (1892-1937) married John MacDonald.
IV-4 Viola Vivian Clyburne (1893-1968) married twice - 1st Joseph Penson - 1 child.

V-1 John Norman Penson married martha Eleanor Porter. 5 children. 2nd marriage - to William Addicott - no children.

IV-5 Min Clyburne (1894-1957) married twice - 1st to Hector MacPhersonn. 2nd marriage to Dan MacKinnon. No children.
IV-6 Hilda Clyburn (1897-1974) married Charles Gillis - 3 children.

V-1 Charles Gillis
V-2 Francis Gillis
V-3 Nellie Gillis These children went to Cape Breton, Alberta, British Columbia, and Oregon State, U.S.A.

III-5 Ella Martha Fenton (born 1866) married David Clyburne - 10 children.

IV-1 Charlotte Aldena Clyburne married Otto Smith - 2 children.
IV-2 Alma May Clyburne (1887-1944) married Stanley Edward Mason (died 1927) 6 children.
IV-3 Harry Clyburne (born 1889) unmarried.
IV-4 Herman Clyburne (1890-1960) married Margaret Hefferman - 1 child.

V-1 Albert Martell Clyburne married Evelyn Jean DeYoung and had 5 children.
IV-5 Edith Clyburne (1894-1975) married Alexander Bradford Clarke (1888-1951) 4 children.
IV-6 Vincent Clyburne - no information - unmarried.
IV-7 Asa Clyburne - no information - unmarried.
IV-8 Ethel Verina Clyburne (1900-1983) married John Hugh Smith (born 1892) - 9 children.
IV-9 Jennie Myrtle Clyburne (born 1901) married Freeman Henry Clyburne (1903-1955) - 7 children.
IV-10 Ida May Clyburne (born 1912) married Warren Stewart Cameron (1904-1972) - no children.

III-6 William Fenton (no dates available) married Susan Bradley - died 1926.
Note: Stephen Bradley and Hannah Rhude came from the State of Maine to West Side of Country Harbour just below the home of Meshack Grover. 2 children.

1. Susan married William Fenton
2. Lydia married a Mr. MacPherson and went to live in U.S.
William and Susan (Bradley) Fenton lived on West Side in the Bradley home and then moved to East Side in Stormont. They had 7 children.

IV-1 Dexter Fenton died young - no dates on headstone in Stormont.
IV-2 Mary Fenton (1869-March 29, 1891). She was the first wife of Robert John Hines and died of T.B. several years after their one child was born. She has a headstone in the Stormont Cemetery. 1 child

V-1 Editha Helena Jean Hines - Please see details of Editha's life under Hines Family. Editha was born June 13, 1888.

IV-3 Lydia Fenton - no dates available. She went to live in Boston, Mass., and was married twice. 1st marriage to Daniel O’Flaherty; 2nd marriage to George Halvereen - no children.
IV-4 Jane Fenton (February 2, 1871 - November 3, 1963) married Palmer Hallett (June 22, 1868 - November 8, 1961). 7 children.
They lived first on the West Side in the Bradley home and then moved to the East Side of Country Harbour. Please see their seven children under Hallett Family. (11-7, Guy and Eliza (Hodgson) Hallett, Palmer and (Jane Fenton) Hallett for details. V-1 Everett Franklin Hallett
V-2 Stella Hallett
V-3 Delilah Belle Hallett
V-4 Mary Helena Hallett
V-5 Florence Harriet Hallett
V-6 Herbert Leo Hallett
V-7 Alma Clare Hallett

IV-5 Abner Fenton married Martha Hallett - no dates available. 2 children.

V-1 One child died in infancy of diphtheria
V-2 Percy Hudson adopted (son of Margaret and Robert (Dude) Hudson (April 20, 1900 - April 23, 1966).

IV-6 Federick Edgar Fenton - died May 1934 at 63 years of age - married Susan Beaton of Newfoundland who died March 1920. They were married in Stellarton and moved back to Stormont when they had 3 children - 1908-1909 of their 8 children.

V-1 Marshall Archibald Fenton (born 1905) married Grace Estella Langley and had 7 children.
V-2 Alexander Fenton born June 1906
V-3 Lillian May Fenton, born May 25,1908 in Newfoundland while her mother was there visiting her own parents. Lillian married Lawrence Archibald Hallett (February 20, 1898) 2 children.

VI-1 Alma Belle Hallett (March 14,1928) married William Ernest Gallen - 2 children.
VI-2 Maxine Beaton Hallett (January 22, 193 7) married George Vernon Mason - 4 children.

2nd to Cameron Barkhouse.
V-5 Joseph William Fenton (March 5, 1912 - February 19, 1940) married Mamie Hudson.
V-6 Georgina (Jean) Fenton (born December 1914) married Ernest Romano
V-7 George Benjamin Fenton (August 1918-1935) died at 17 years of age.
V-8 Johnny Fenton born March 1920 and died six weeks later. His mother died 3 days after his birth and Mrs. Charles Musgrave took him and cared for him, but he was very weak and did not survive.
Note: Information regarding the Fred Fenton Family was supplied by his daughter Lillian May Fenton (Mrs. Lawrence Hallett).

IV-7 Herbert Henry Fenton (1882 - May 6, 1958) known only as Hub to the people of Country Harbour. He married (Bessie) Elizabeth Ann Hodgson, daughter of Benjamin Hodgson and Margaret Hudson of Country Harbour Mines. Both Hub and Bessie were Church of England communicants and were married at Country Harbour Mines by the Rev. Daniel Edwards. Herbert had never doubted that he would be welcomed home with his bride by his father and mother as he was the last child at home and was the help of his aging father who was a shy and quiet man. However, his mother would not hear of her son and his wife living at home with her and her husband. What were they to do? They got a tent and set it up on the roadside in Stormont opposite the home of George and Margaret Mason Salsman.
This writer’s sister Laura was a very socially correct and friendly girl, and one day took this writer when about two and a half years old with her when she went to make a formal call on Bessie. I can remember this as if it were yesterday.
Bessie was very pretty and gracious. She welcomed us warmly into the tent and showed us all pretty magazine pictures she had cut out and pinned on the inside wall of the tent as well as where she kept the frying pan for cooking steak and fish and the boiling pans for porridge and vegetables. I remember how wonderful I thought it all was. When Laura related all about our visit that night at suppertime to our parents, I was surprised that they didn’t think it all a fine thing, but looked at each other sadly and shook their heads.
Years later, when I was much older, I learned that Mr. and Mrs. William Fenton divided their house before cold weather came into a two family home, one side for Hub and Bessie and the other for themselves. Years later, Hub & Bessie moved to the Jane Johnstone field in Middle Country Harbour after arrangements had been carried out to move the former William Fraser house to that field and have it fixed up for Hub’s larger growing family in number of children. They lived there peacefully with their ten children until the years went by, and all the children left home to establish their own lives. After Herbert died, Bessie went to live with the family of one of their sons. 10 children.

V-1 Verda Lillian Fenton (born December 16, 1903) married William Wilford Wilson (March 25, 1889) - December 28, 1961) 6 children.

VI-1 Ida Gladys Wilson (born May 27, 1925) married Douglas Mason (no date) 1 child.

VII-I Carol Mason

VI-2 Dorothy Margaret Wilson (born September 28, 1925) married Andrew George Gammon (born July 31, 1925) 4 children.
VI-3 Arthur Eldridge Wilson (born March 15, 1929) married Sarabelle St. Clair Mason (born March 22, 1930) 4 children.

VII-1 Catherine Elizabeth Wilson (born July 14, 1952) married Robert Scott MacKinnon (born October 11, 1940)
VII-2 Jane Louise Wilson (born December 19, 1955) married Everett Archibald James Dort (born September 2, 1953) 1 child.
VII-3 John Byron Wilson (born July 25, 1957)
VII-4 Brendan William Garth Wilson (born June 15, 1938)

VI-4 Joyce Elaine Wilson (born June 13, 1938) married William Smith Evans Malloy (born June 15, 1938) 1 child.

VII-1 Robert William Malloy (March 30, 1967)

VI-5 Grace Irene Wilson (born October 4, 1942) married John Douglas Archibald (born December 12, 1932) 3 children.

VII-1 Michael Douglas Archibald (April 15, 1957)
VII-2 Ann Marie Archibald (February 15, 1960)
VII-3 James Stirling Archibald (September 9, 1962)

VI-6 Edna Patricia Wilson (born August 13, 1944) married Delbert McLeod Hensbee (born December 26, 1939) 3 children.

VII-1 Bradley Wilson Hensbee (November 20, 1962)
VII-2 Deborah Lynn Hensbee (November 6, 1965)
VII-3 Heidi Leanne Hensbee (May 31, 1973)

V-2 Seymour Willis Fenton (January 10, 1906 to 1982) Unmarried.
V-3 Ethel Blanch Fenton (born August 1908) married John Leaman. 3 children.

VI-1 Mildred Leaman
VI-2 Annie Leaman
VI-3 Bessie Leaman

V-4 Harold Churchill Fenton (born May 12, 1910) married Stella Blance Clyburne. 2 children.

VI-1 Laura Eugenia Fenton (November 4, 1942)
VI-2 Juanita Pearl (June 28, 1946)

V-5 Charles Dexter Fenton (born October 18, 1914) married Gladys Leona Nickerson (born November 14, 1924) 3 children.

VI-1 Julia Irene Fenton (May 4, 1943)
VI-2 Wendell Keith Fenton (May 17, 1946)
VI-3 Colleen Lorraine Fenton (December 4, 1957)

V-6 Eliza Grace Fenton (born October 20, 1916) married Charles McLaren. 3 children.

VI-1 Oswald McLaren
VI-2 Marie McLaren
VI-3 Linda McLaren

V-7 Thelma Winifred Fenton (born June 3, 1919) married Alex Ernest Cameron (born October 31, 1917) 4 children.

VI-1 Ernest Dexter Cameron (May 12, 1941)
VI-2 Marion Gwendolyn Cameron (July 4, 1942)
VI-3 Howard Ernest Cameron (March 13, 1944)
VI-4 Garneta Christine Cameron (February 26, 1950)

V-8 Lloyd Parker Fenton (born June 1, 1922) married Gloria Geneva Gammon (born August 12, 1923) 2 children.

VI-1 Geneva Garneta Fenton (January 1, 1943)
VI-2 Donna Isabel Fenton (July 1, 1949)

V-9 Edith Alena Fenton (born June 1, 1923) married Clement Pellerini (born August 26, 1918) 2 children

VI-1 Ella Marie Pellerini (April 7, 1953)
VI-2 Jerry Michael Pellerini (March 14, 1958)

V-10 Garneta Pearl Fenton (born March 16, 1927) married twice. 1st marriage Emmett Isaac Avery (born February 6, 1925) no information. 2nd marriage Robert Langmead Ryan (born July 8, 1935) 3 children.

VI-1 Robert Elmore Ryan (June 21, 1957)
VI-2 John Herbert Ryan (March 27, 1964)
VI-3 Michael George Ryan (January 23, 1967)

III-7 Benjamin Fenton (May 13, 1857 to July 7, 1926) married Mary Ellen MacDonald of Port Hood (December 11, 1856 to April 6, 1933) lived West Side Country Harbour Mines. 3 children.

IV-1 Obediah Fenton (August 28, 1885 to October 7, 1972) married twice. 1st marriage Winnifred Myra Hudson (December 1894 to April 11, 1924) Died of T.B. No children. 2nd marriage Erma Minnie Worth (born December 20, 1908) built a duplex home East Side Country Harbour Mines. 4 children.

V-1 Gladys Irene Fenton (born August 25, 1930) married Havelock Arthur Mason of Isaac’s Harbour (born June 22, 1925. 2 children.
V-2 Marion Yvonne Fenton (born October 20, 1932) married Wyman Ashley Myers (born December 9, 1930) - 3 children

Vl-1 Charlene Evelyn Mason (August 25, 1957)
VI-2 Wayne Havelock Mason (October 27, 1963)

V-3 Beulah Yvonne Fenton (born October 20, 1932) married Wyman Ashley Myers (born December 9, 1930). 3 children.

VI-1 Donald Wyman Myers
VI-2 Paul Anthony Myers
VI-3 Barry Osborne Myers

V-4 Murella Evangeline Fenton (born February 5, 1934) married Wilbert Clayton Harpell (born March 9, 1932). 6 children.

VI-1 Donna Yvonne Harpell (August 8, 1954)
VI-2 Charlene Frances Harpell (March 25, 1956)
VI-3 Glen Clayton Harpell (October 1, 1957)
VI-4 Bradley Melvin Harpell (January 6, 1960)
VI-5 Janet Lee Harpell (May 22, 1961)
VI-6 Annette Erma Harpell (September 2, 1965)

IV-2 Charles Hadley Fenton (born June 1, 1887) married Hazel Mildred Josey (April 28, 1887) of Spry Harbour. 7 children. Lived in duplex home on the other side from his brother Obediah.

V-1 Lloyd Calvin Fenton (born June 13, 1921) married Norma Fenton (Eddie Fenton’s daughter. 1 child.

VI-1 Sandra Alice Fenton (born December 17, 1951) married Robert Pettipas. 1 child

VII-1 Dawn Michelle Pettipas

V-2 Audrey Marguerite Fenton (born September 22, 1923) married Wilfred Archie Langley (born May 15, 1917).
V-3 Phyllis Marion Fenton (born December 18, 1925) married Malcolm Crosby Jennings (born October 15, 1931).
V-4 Kenneth Myles Fenton (born October 13, 1928) married Elizabeth Ellen May Webber. 3 children
V-5 Doreen Myrna Fenton (born June 25, 1929) married William Henry Webber (born January 2, 1926). 2 children.
V-6 Daisy Marie Fenton (born June 25, 1933) married Manson Ross Sutherland (born April 15, 1933). 2 children.
V-7 Cecil Carvell Fenton (born July 14,1936) married Janet Freida Jeans (born November 4, 1941) 2 children.

IV-3 Lena Kitty Ellen Fenton (born July 19, 1889) (Katey) married Edward Harvey Hodgson from Drumhead (May 27, 1872 to December 29, 1959) 1 child

V-1 Claudine Mary Hodgson (born May 1, 1914) married Alvin Bruce Smith (August 19, 1905 to June 18, 1938)

VI-1 Wilma Elaine Smith (born May 16, 1932) married Hugh Samuel Gibson of Toronto (born April 27, 1930) 2 children
VI-2 Marland Boyd Smith (born March 10, 1933) married Shirley Joan Charlton (born July 9, 1943) 1 child
VI-3 Myrna Frances Smith (born August 4, 1934) married Elmer Whitney MacPherson (born December 9, 1935)
VI-4 Arden Bruce Smith (born April 25, 1937) married Janet Roberta Cottie (born September 1, 1941) of Stallarton, Nova Scotia

III-8 Clarence Henry Fenton (April 1861 to October 14, 1914) married Laura Ada MacKeen from East River, Saint Mary’s, the widow of a Mr. Taylor from Country Harbour Lake. 4 children

IV-1 Gerald Benjamin Fenton (born October 3, 1903) married Mildred McNeil
IV-2 Ward Fenton
IV-3 William Rowlings Fenton (born May 24, 1907)
IV-4 Emroe MacKeen Fenton (born October 5, 1911) married Nancy Mary Leach (born September 19, 1920) of Saskatchewan. Emroe worked with a missionary service in India as a Church of England Brother Henry Fenton had carbuncles repeatedly and died of blood poisoning when the children were young. Their mother moved to Calgary, Alberta and took the children with her. Their descendants are scattered over Saskatchewan, Calgary, Alberta, and British Columbia.

III-9 Mary Fenton married John Higgin Hudson, 4 children

IV-1 Russell Hudson, deaf from time of birth, became a painter, unmarried
IV-2 Sarah Ann Hudson, married twice 1st marriage to Neil McCarthy of Forest Hill Mine
2nd marriage to Hartley Callahan of New Glasgow

To trace all these children and their children became to complicated a task for me at this time.

IV-3 David Hudson (born 1866) died at about 25 years of age of “blood poisoning”. Unmarried
IV-4 Gertrude Hannah Hudson (November 28, 1888 to 1982) married Harvey Brown Smith, son of Peter Smith and Susan Mason.

They went to live in Dunmoor, Antigonish County, and Nova Scotia and had a large family of children. No further information.

III-10 John Fenton died of “blood poisoning” at 13 or 14 years of age.

II-2 George Fenton married Elizabeth Higgin Hudson. No children

II-3 James Fenton married Charlotte Banks of Shelburne County. 6 children

III-1 John Fenton (1861 to 1933) lived on the West Side of Country Harbour. Married three times.

1st marriage to Margaret McBain (school teacher in Country Harbour). 2 children

IV-1 Annie Archibald Fenton
IV-2 Bessie Archibald Fenton

2nd marriage to Bessie Delilah Cook (daughter of Ed Cook, died of tuberculosis) 1 child
IV-3 Edward Fenton (1903 to 1972)

3rd marriage to Mrs. Jane Clyburne Griffin (1864 to 1951) no children

III-2 Martha Ann Fenton (Annie) married Benjamin Worth from North Alton. Annie died February 18, 1903 of “blood poisoning” from a cold sore on her lip. 7 children

IV-1 Charlotte (Lottie) Worth married Rev. Daniel Edwards of Holy Trinity Church of Country Harbour. After years, moved to Eastern Passage, Halifax City. 7 children

V-1 Edna Edwards married Nicky Nesbitt.

VI- 1 One son

V-2 Clara Edwards married Jackey Ware

VI-1 One daughter, Marion Ware. No children

>V-3 Marguerite Edwards (twin) married Carl Harrison. 1 child

VI-1 Reid Harrison. 2 children

V-4 Marie Edwards (twin to Marguerite) died in infancy March 12, 1905 at the age of 1 year
V-5 Lloyd Edwards not married (died young)
V-6 Harley Edwards married Fran

VI-1 1 adopted daughter (Susan)

V-7 Armitage Edwards married Ada.

VI-1 Joan Edwards. Not married

IV-2 Ethel Worth, an R.N., lived in Detroit, Michigan 1st marriage - Mr. Coker. 1 child

V-1 Daughter, Lorraine, married Herbert Worden Ethel was married a second time

IV-3 Harley Worth married Mae Pike of Bonnie Bay, Newfoundland. Lived in Halifax. 4 children
Note: Harley Worth’s daughter, Mrs. Trueman (Perverill) Sollows, supplied all information regarding the families of James Fenton and Charlotte Banks. She had no register of dates available and this writer had too many birthdays with attending handicaps to travel anymore. It became impossible to provide dates for the persons belonging to these family constellations.

V-1 Roy Worth married Pat Rowlings. 2 daughters

VI-1 Donna Lee married Don Flemming. 2 sons

VII-1 Peter Flemming
VII-2 Paul Flemming

VI-2 Joanne married Emmerson Renouf. 1 daughter

VII- 1 Michelle Renouf

V-2 Gladys Worth married twice
1st husband Fred Westry
2nd husband was Vistor Thompson. 1 daughter

VI-1 Barbara married Rev. Russell Walton. 2 daughters

VII-1 Sandra Brooke Walton
VII-2 Wendy Louise Walton

V-3 Marjorie Worth married twice
1st marriage to Ralph Perverill. 3 children
2nd marriage to Trueman Sollows

VI-1 Harvey Perverill married Jean Payne. 3 children

VII-1 Carol Anne Perverill
VII-2 Penny Lou Perverill
VII-3 Harley Perverill

VI-2 Larry Perverill married Pat Merson. 1 child

VII-1 Mark Perverill

VI-3 Richard Perverill married Kathy Constable. 2 children

VII-1 Michael Perverill
VII-2 George Trueman Perverill

V-4 Betty Worth married Maynard McEwan. No information regarding children.

IV-4 Gladstone Worth, unmarried. Lived in East River with a Mrs. McBain, a relative, and took care of her farm.
IV-5 Garnett Worth married and lived in Detroit. No children. He left his estate to all his brothers and sisters.
IV-6 Clarence Worth married Belle Ernest of Indian Point. 4 children

V-1 Ralph Worth married Mary Foster. 2 children

VI-1 Peter Worth married 1 daughter
VI-2 Gary Worth married 2 children

V-2 Fred Worth, married, 3 boys and 1 girl
V-3 Harry Worth, married Joan, no children
V-4 Marrion Worth married Mr. Purchase, 3 children

VI-1 Daughter, 17 years old, Susan
VI-2 Son, 19 years old
VI-3 Baby, 8 months old

IV-7 Lester Worth married in Detroit, Michigan

V-1 1 child, 1st marriage Lester divorced and married a widow. No children by 2nd marriage

III-3 David Fenton, married twice 1st marriage was to Caroline Salsman, daughter of Reuben Salsman, who was ill in bed with tuberculosis. No children

2nd marriage was to Margaret Hines, daughter of Elisha and Jean (Henderson) Hines.They lived in Magnolia, Massachusetts. 1 child

IV-1 Verena Fenton died at 18 years of tuberculosis

III-4 Margaret Fenton married John Bright from Stillwatter-Sherbrooke. 3 children listed.

IV-1 Arthur Bright
IV-2 Kendall Bright
IV-3 Arnold Bright died of diabetes. Unmarried.

III-5 Elizabeth Fenton married Samuel Myers of Fisherman’s Harbour. 7 children.

IV-1 Frank Myers died of tuberculosis. Unmarried
IV-2 George Myers married widow of D.P. McNaughton
IV-3 Lorne Myers married Beatrice Hallett of Stormont, Country Harbour
IV-4 Kinley Myers, unmarried
IV-5 Kenneth Myers married Sylvia McLaren
IV-6 Ethel Myers married Leslie Newell of Yarmouth
IV-7 Janey Myers married twice

1st marriage, Roy McKay of P.E.I.

2nd marriage. No information

III-6 Charlotte Fenton married John Mason of Fisherman’s Harbour. No information.

II-4 Charles Fenton married Hannah Hines, daughter of Benjamin and Amy (Pride) Hines, and lived down on the West Side of Stormont. 7 children

III-1 Margaret Fenton married Edward Cook. 7 children, see under Cook Family<
III-2 Susan Fenton married William Mardon. No children
III-3 Charles Fenton died at sea and was buried at Souris, P.E.I.

III-4 Archibald Fenton married Effie Myers. Lived in Cloucester, Massachusetts. 3 children

IV-1 Alfred Fenton
IV-2 Irene Fenton, second wife of John Hayes Hammond, Jr.

IV-3 Blanche Fenton

III-5 Hannah Fenton married David Myers. 1 child

IV-1 Leslie Myers, lost at sea in WWI

III-6 Jane Fenton married Fred Johnstone. 4 children. See, also under William Johnstone and Jane Manson.

IV-1 Olive Johnstone

IV-2 Fenton Johnstone, lived in New Haven, Connecticut
IV-3 Charles Johnstone, lived in New Haven, Connecticut<
IV-4 Lillian Johnstone

III-7 Emma Fenton married Levi Hayne, an architect, who went to live in Schenectady, New York. 2 children

IV-1 Lois Hayne
IV-2 Myrtle Hayne

II-5 Charlotte Fenton, unmarried and lived on the West Side of Country Harbour. She ended her days with Theresa in East River.

II-6 Theresa Caroline Fenton (born November 4, 1840) married Mr. Mitchell of East River. Number of children unknown

II-7 Jane Fenton (1834 to 1900) married Edward Mason (Preacher Ned), 8 children. See descendants under Mason Family; son of William Mason and Sarah Hodgson.

II-8 Edward Fenton married in Halifax. Had at least 2 sons.

III-1 Patrick Fenton
III-2 Ned Fenton (had polio)

II-9 Mary Ann Elizabeth (Annie) Fenton (born May 21, 1826) married John Mason (Carpenter John). Lived in Cross Roads, Country Harbour. They had 8 children. See under Mason Family.

II-10 A girl who went to England and married Mr. Pickering.


Credit goes to Cecil Smith of the Cross Roads and to the Fenton Family memorial stones in the Baptist Cemetery at the Cross Roads for the sketchy information which I have been able to compile to date, regarding this branch of the descendants of Sergeant Jacob Fenton and his wife Catherine, who came with the Loyalists of the Wright Grant in December, 1783.

I have not yet been able to identify who was the father of Joseph C. Fenton, the father of William H. Fenton, who lived at the Cross Roads when I was a child. This Joseph C. Fenton died March 31, 1905, aged 84 years, according to his stone in the Cross Roads, Baptist Cemetery. His wife was Caroline Bezanson whose family had come to Country Harbour from Chester, Nova Scotia.

Joseph C. and his wife Caroline (Bezanson) Fenton had 6 or 7 children according to Cecil Smith, as follows:

1. William Fenton married Elizabeth Taylor. They had 7 children listed below.

2. Littia Fenton married James White, who came directly from Ireland to Guysborough, Goldenville, and on to Country Harbour

3. Lydia Fenton married Michael Foley of Guysborough

4. Deborah Fenton married Isaac Clark of Goldboro

5. A Miss Fenton married a Mr. Richardson, and lived in Ontario

6. A Fenton married a Mr. Snow

7. Sarah Fenton married James Alexander Mason, son of James Mason and Maria Hodgson. It is believed that Sarah belonged to this family group.

Since I do not have information as to what generation from the American Revolution these people represent, I will merely list the various generations with Arabic numerals.

William and Elizabeth (Taylor) Fenton’s children:

1. Spurgeon H. Fenton married Mrs. Munroe (Bob’s mother).

2. Duncan C. Fenton (DC) - unmarried. Died in Pictou; buried at the Baptist Cemetery, Country Harbour.

3. Dellas Fenton - married twice: 1st Tom White; 2nd Walter Otto. No children.

4. James E. Fenton, oldest child, married Martha Stewart. No children. Buried in Baptist Cemetery. Died June 11, 1897, aged 22 years.

5. Tena Fenton married James Authur Mason, son of Godfrey. 8 children.


1. Dell Mason

2. Eve Mason

3. Hilda Mason

4. Shirley Mason

5. McLeod Mason, married Margaret Smith, 7 children

6. George Mason married Margaret Davidson from Goldboro

7. Carrie Mason married Walter Smith, son of Alex Smith

8. Grant Mason married Sadie Smith. 8 children and Lena Mallory of Lochaber


6. Caroline Fenton married Frank Mason, son of Moses Mason, as his first wife. She died June 10, 1902, aged 22 years. Her name is in the Baptist Cemetery at Cross Roads with her parents, but also in the Presbyterian Cemetery with her husband J.F. Mason.

7. Michael Fenton died in British Columbia, unmarried.

No further information to date regarding these Country Harbour Cross Roads Fenton Families.

NOTE: There was an error in the book regarding the wrong name being listed for IV-4 per Mel Blakney. The book shows that it should be Alexander Smith married to Susan Mason. Peter Smith is one of Alexander's Children and is also his father's name. Old Peter Smyth was married to Bridget Heirlihy, and Alexander's son Peter was married to Clarissa cannot remember her maiden name at the moment. Old Peter Smyth was a native of Flanders and died in Feb. 1871 of old age in Goshen, Guysborough County, NS. This was brought to our attention by Alexander Smith's GGGGrandaughter (Melinda Blakney).

This information was from the Nova Scotia Public Archives and proof that Alexander and not Peter was married to Susan Mason can be found in the Canadian 1881 Census. In that Census their surname is "Smyth" and today her Family uses the "Smith" spelling of the surname. The 1901 and 1911 Census has the family down as "Smith". The Family is listed as living in Country Harbour Cross Roads, Guysborough County, NS Canada and their ethnic org. is "Dutch". Susan Mason is listed on Census as "Irish".

Additional Articles on this Fenton line are located here:

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